Our mission is to facilitate your startup's sustainable development and growth at any stage possible!

Are we a match?
  • You are ambitious visionary founders or an established company up for disrupting your industry.
  • You are based in Switzerland or Europe.
  • Your idea/business case has been scientifically proven.
  • You are progressing well in developing your MVP.
  • You are about to launch a MVP and / or to secure financing.
  • You have not yet engaged with an operational partner.
Startups, small and medium enterprises

We provide you with a holistic feedback on your startup’s investment case from a strategic, operational as well as fundraising strategy point of view.


We help you finetuning your investor case and securing funding from private as well as institutional investors.


We help you designing, implementing and communicating effective employee stock ownership plans (ESOP). This makes you attracting and retaining great talent


We help you defining a clear tax & regulatory roadmap and frameworks – from assessing tax compliance to defining a regulatory operating model for your industry – we are here to assist you holistically and leverage our well-established expert network.


We are your first responders in building your business operations! Our standard offer comes with a monthly flat fee and encompasses close monitoring through bi-weekly workshops. In particular we focus on business operations and financial management (COO / CFO).

Introduction to our ventures

We will enable the generation of new, previously unavailable investment opportunities through bridging the death valley for innovation.

Operations support

We will assist you in executing the strategy you have envisioned through hands-on operational involvement in your investments!

We are entrepreneurs and actively look for entrepreneurial compensation models! Are you interested? Contact us today!

Why us?

    Why Us

  • We are with you from day zero
  • We provide hands-on support to our projects and are agile to fully tailor our support to your needs
  • We do not walk away when problems accrue, we are your first responders
  • We are in for the win in the long run and are fully independent
  • We can access a wide network of specialists whenever such expertise is required
  • We strive for social and environmental excellency as much as for professionalism
  • We care about respect and diversity in all forms
  • We play by the rules of open and transparent communication
Our core team

Your first responders who accompany you on your journey

Kevin Leuthardt



Kevin is our founding partner. He currently serves as CFO of Arweave, a leading crypto protocol for decentralised storage of data. He likes to work hands-on as a sparring partner with founders on business operations and scaling matters for their ventures. He calls crypto and deep-tech applications with a hardware component his homegrounds. At KSquared, he particularly focuses on financial management, tax & regulatory consulting and investor readiness reviews.

Alongside his contributions to KSquared, he co-chairs the Tax & Accounting Working Group at Crypto Valley Association.

Prior to founding KSquared, he has been working for more than 5 years for international accountancy firms in the field of international corporate tax, value chain management and crypto. He has completed his studies in Finance and International Tax Law at the universities of Zurich and Maastricht.

Nicolo is focusing on KSquared’s fundraising services. His expertise lies in project management and business development, where he structures complexities and pragmatically finds solutions for business challenges.

He is co-founder of LifeDrop, a startup engaged in production and distribution of a relaxation capsule (mental-health hardware). He is currently involved in various other early-stage projects.

His background is in financial management consulting and he has obtained his Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of St. Gallen.

Nicolo Angerer



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Our network

We are privileged to access a trusted network of local and international experts from various fields to generate true value-add for our clients.

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Venture development
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